Why Is My Lock Stuck In A Locked Position?

Posted on: 26 December 2019

If your door lock is stuck in a lock position, this can be a hassle when you try to get into your car. Fortunately, when you are able to diagnose your stuck door lock, you may find it easier to correct the problem.

Broken Connections

One of the most common reasons why a door lock is stuck in a locked position is because there's a problem with one of the connectors. This occurs when the door lock cylinder, door handle, or the interior locking post is not correctly connected to the car door latch. You will need to repair the broken connection.

Damaged Locks

Damage might have been done to your car door lock, which forces it into a locked position. This most often happens when a car is in an accident. In some cases, slamming the car door shut aggressively can lead to the lock becoming stuck in a locked position. The latch might become disconnected from the lock assembly. You will need to have your car door opened somehow and the part of the door lock assembly that is broken then needs to be replaced.

The issue isn't as serious if your car door is stuck in an open position since you will not have to find a way to open the door. Also, if you're lucky, there might be parts that can be repaired rather than needing to be replaced, which is less expensive.

Dirty Locks

Over time, your lock can accumulate dirt and grime. This can make it harder to lock or unlock the door. When you try to insert a key into the door, you might feel like there is a foreign object stuck inside the lock. You will want to lubricate the lock so that you can then insert your key into the lock, clearing out the debris in the process.

Defective Key Fobs

If your door simply won't unlock when you use the key fob, you might need a new key fob. The battery might be low. With time, key fobs often become weaker and you may need to position the fob closer to the lock to open the door.

If you still cannot figure out how to get your car out of the locked position, make sure to head to a locksmith so that you can have your lock inspected. Sometimes, it's difficult to understand why a lock isn't working because each car door lock is different.