5 Things A Locksmith Can Do For You

Posted on: 30 December 2019

Don't think that you need to have a locksmith on your speed dial? You may not realize that they can do a lot more than you think. Residential locksmiths are capable of performing the following services around your home.

Deadbolt Installation

Locksmiths not only help get you into your home when you're locked out, but can help make it so that burglars cannot get in. Part of having a secure home is having the locks installed in the proper way. If not, it can be simple to just kick down a door to gain entry. That is where a locksmith comes in handy. They can ensure that your deadbolts are installed correctly for maximum security, and even recommend higher rated locks that cannot easily be broken.

Safe Installation

If someone does break into your home, you don't want to make it easy for them to get away with your valuables. If you do have a safe in your home, you need to secure it in a way that it cannot easily be removed. This can mean finding ways to secure it to the studs of your home within wall, or secure the safe to a floor. As long as the safe cannot be easily removed from your home and taken to a secondary location, your belongings inside will be well protected. 

Security System Installation

Another area of security where locksmiths have an expertise is a security system installation. This includes the wiring of door and window sensors, keypads, and even security cameras. 

Lock Repair

Think that you've damaged a lock beyond repair and now you need to replace the whole lock set? There are many aspects of a lock that can be repaired so you can retain the style of the lock that matches your home. For example, if a lock cylinder is no longer catching properly onto keys, the whole cylinder can be replaced with a new one that matches your existing keys. 

Lock Rekeying

One of the first things that your realtor will tell you to do after buying a home is to change the locks, since you can never be sure about who has an extra key to your home. This is another situation that benefits from having a locksmith help you out. Much like repairing a cylinder, a locksmith can change the locking cylinders so that every lock uses the same key. Not only will your home be more secure, but you won't be carrying around a ton of keys for each door of your home.