Locked Out Of Your Car On A Road Trip? Here Is What You Should Do

Posted on: 30 December 2019

It's never a positive experience when you realize you've lost your keys. However, the experience is only magnified when it happens in the middle of a road trip. Resist the urge to panic should you ever find yourself facing this type of situation. Learn how to stay safe, calm, and ensure help is on the way.

Look Around the Interior of the Vehicle

Take a quick assessment of the interior of your vehicle. During your search, you want to check and see what types of valuables are visible, such as electronic devices or a handbag. If there are any valuables in the car, and it is safe to do so, you should probably plan to stay right next to your vehicle until help arrives. If the vehicle is left alone, and the wrong person comes by, they may be more apt to break in. 

Locate a Safe Place

If it's not safe to remain with your vehicle, find a safe place to wait until help arrives. If you're near a mall or big box store, you could walk around inside and maybe even grab a bite to eat while you wait on a locksmith. If you're on a road trip, you might not be familiar with the area you're in, so it's best to wait in a well-lit space with plenty of foot traffic to stay safer while you wait. 

Contact an Emergency Service

As you browse for locksmiths in the area, look for professionals that offer emergency services. Some locksmiths operate during more traditional hours, but an emergency locksmith can help you recover your keys day or night. Remember, call the locksmith after you've located a space to stay safe. When you call, you'll be able to tell them where you are so that they won't be alarmed if no one is immediately at the vehicle when they pull up. 

Be Wary of Well-Wishers

You might encounter a good Samaritan or two that want to help. However, while a kind gesture, this time is one where you should decline help. People use all sorts of maneuvers to retrieve keys locked inside a vehicle, and while some of them work, none of them are without a significant risk for damage. Let them know help is on the way.

Whether you're at home or thousands of miles away, a locksmith offering emergency lockout services can come to you and get you back on your way. Always contact a professional as soon as possible.