Dealing With A Damaged Lock On Your Car Or Truck

Posted on: 7 January 2020

When you have a lock on your car or truck that stops working right or is damaged, knowing who to call can be tricky. A repair shop may be able to help you, but many times repairing the lock requires the skills of an automotive locksmith, like those at ASAP Mobile Locksmiths

Getting Into the Car

If you have a problem with the locks on your car and you can not get into the car, calling a mechanic to help is not really a solution. The mechanic may be able to fix the lock or replace it, but they can't do anything with the lock until they can get into the vehicle. Often opening the car or truck requires the skills of an automotive locksmith.

The locksmith has the right tools to gain access to the car without damaging it further, and once the vehicle is open, they can help determine what the problem is and the best way to resolve it. If the lock needs replacing, the job is easy to do, but if there is a problem with the locking system, the locksmith can go through the system and repair the damage for you. 

Installing New Locks

Sometimes the locks on your vehicle have enough damage that replacing the entire lock is necessary. The locksmith can replace the lock for you, but now you are left with a lock that has a different key than the rest of the car. A good automotive locksmith can rekey the lock for you so that it uses the same key that the old lock used. This saves you from having to carry another key with you to get into the car. 

Replacing a lock that has too much damage to repair is the best solution in many cases, but make sure that you are getting an OEM-quality lock for your car. There are some cheaper alternatives available, but if you replace the lock with an aftermarket replacement, the lock may not last as long as the OEM lock will.

Used Doors or Trunk

Sometimes a car door or a trunk lid needs replacing, and the easiest solution is to replace it with one from a salvage yard, but the yard operator may not have the key to the locks on the door or decklid. If your locks are still good, you can change them, or you could have a locksmith change the locks for you before you install the door on the car. They may even be able to use the locks that are already in the door or decklid and save you the hassle of changing the locks entirely.