Getting Your Home's Locks Rekeyed

Posted on: 17 January 2020

While the locks can be the first line of defense for your property, homeowners frequently fail to appreciate the numerous types of problems that they may have to address. In particular, issues with the keys can be a common situation, and this can lead to a need for the locks to be rekeyed at some point.

Appreciate the Need to Rekey After Losing s Copy of the Keys

It is an unfortunate reality that people will lose their house key at some point during their lives. While they may have a spare key or be able to get a duplicate made, this will fail to address the security risks that can arise from not having control of all the keys to your house. This is especially true for those that may have their address or other identifying information on their keys. Whenever you lose a key, you should invest in having the locks to your home rekeyed. Otherwise, it will be impossible to be sure that you are the only one that can access the home.

Understand That Rekeying May Not Always Be The Answer

Rekeying the locks can also be done when the locks or the key is no longer fitting properly. However, homeowners should be aware that this procedure may not correct any mechanical problems with the locking mechanism. Rather, it will typically be the most effective in situations where the locking pins have become misaligned or altered. By rekeying the locks in these situations, you can reset them so that these problems will be corrected. However, if the damage extends to other components of the lock, you may need to replace the entire device. Prior to deciding to rekey the lock, it may be advisable to have it inspected by a professional to determine whether rekeying is likely to correct the issues it is experiencing.

Thoroughly Test All of the Keys After the Procedure

Once you have had your locks rekeyed, a few moments should be taken to ensure that all of the copies of the keys will work on the locks. Otherwise, you may find that one lock is not properly calibrated, which could make it much harder to open and close. Unfortunately, many people may not take the time to do this for all of the locks that they have had rekeyed. By doing this before the locksmith leaves, you can easily have these issues corrected without needing to schedule another visit from lock repair services.