What To Know When You Need Emergency Locksmiths For Keycard Failures

Posted on: 18 January 2021

Many businesses use a keycard system for security and access to various portions of the buildings. These keycards give an added layer of security and are easier for employees to manage. However, these keycards are not without their flaws. In some cases, the cards may be locked out of the system. This can be due to old cards, damaged cards, or power outages that cause that part of the system to lock. As such, you will need an emergency locksmith for these issues. Here are some things to know about using this type of locksmith and what to expect to get the keycards operating again.

Replacement Cards

In many cases, the lockout is due to the card being damaged in some way. There are several damages that can occur to a keycard that will cause the reader to not recognize the strip. In this case, the locksmith may use a master card to ensure the card readers are reading properly. Once they ensure the readers are reading properly, they will test the card in question. They may also type in a manual code from the card to see if the card is recognized in the system. If the card number works, but the card does not, the card will need to be replaced. 

Replacement Readers

During heavy storms, your power may go out. As with any electronic, you can experience damage to the system. This may be full damage or only damage to some parts of the system throughout your business. With a keycard system, the damage can happen to several readers, causing them to create a lockout effect for keycards. The locksmith would examine the reader and determine if it can be repaired. If not, replacement readers would need to be brought in and the damaged readers removed. This may take both an electrician and a locksmith to accomplish since the readers will need to be added to the overall keycard locking system. 

Security Breaches

Some advanced keycard reading systems have settings if the security system is breached. These settings generally cause a full lockdown of the system to include all cards and all readers. In this case, no one can access the building to either enter or exit. As such, you will need the use of an emergency locksmith. They can step in and unlock the locking system thereby causing a password reset to be requested. A master password reset and other resets will be done and your system will be back to normal operation. 

These are just a few of the key points to know when you need an emergency locksmith for keycard lockouts. Keep in mind, the locksmith may suggest a new system or upgrades to your current system. If this is the case, have a budget in mind for that upgrade and some ideas to discuss with the locksmith. This will help speed up the process and ensure you are getting the system you want if your system can not be unlocked. Contact a locksmith service for more information.