The Pros and Cons of Smart Locks

Posted on: 14 April 2021

There have never been more high-tech options for keeping a home safe from intruders and that includes a homeowner's usual first line of defense—the front door lock. Smart locks are a popular security solution for the tech-savvy, but some people prefer a more simple mechanism. Is a smart lock for you? Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of these high-tech devices.


Convenience: Since many smart locks operate using a keypad and code, they eliminate the need for a key at all. If you're someone that constantly misplaces or loses your key, smart locks are a godsend. For example, if you feel the urge for a spontaneous walk, many smart locks allow you to simply walk out the front door, engage the lock, and punch in a code when your return. No need to remember your key or carry it around.  

Accessibility: Keys add bulk and weight to your wallet, pocket, or purse. Smart locks make it so your front door is fully accessible without any added tools. Keys can also be difficult to deal with if you have mobility issues. Whether through the use of a keypad, timer, or app, smart locks provide more accessibility than many traditional locks can provide.  

Remote Access: Another desirable feature of some WiFi-enabled smart locks is the ability to access the lock remotely through an app. If you need to open the door for a contractor or relative when you're not at home, you can do so easily and remotely using your smartphone and then lock up just as easily when your visitor departs.


Power Reliant: One of the major drawbacks of a smart lock is that it requires a constant and non-interrupted source of power, whether that's through a wired connection or via batteries. Regardless, any interruption of power could result in a loss of access to your home. More than one homeowner has been locked out during a power outage or because of an unexpected drained battery. Some smart locks offer keyed access as a backup to circumvent this problem. If this is the only drawback of a smart lock for you, talk to your locksmith about those particular options.  

Hackable: Any electronic device you own has the potential to be hacked. This is something to consider when buying a smart lock and it's not limited to networked devices. Determined thieves can find a workaround to almost any electronic device. However, the likelihood of this happening is low. If you're worried about hackers, talk to your locksmith about the most hack-proof smart lock options.