3 Reasons You Need A Commercial Locksmith To Install Panic Bars In Your Business

Posted on: 21 November 2022

Running a business comes with various responsibilities, and at the top of that list is ensuring safety and security on your premises. That's why many business owners hire commercial locksmiths to install advanced security measures like access control and CCTV systems. However, it is also important to have an effective exit strategy for the people in your building during emergencies.

An excellent solution for your workers and visitors during such situations is crash bars. Hiring a locksmith to install these panic bars in your business building offers the following benefits.

1. Enhance Safety

Regular door latches are very inconvenient when people are trying to exit a building quickly and can cause congestion. As a result, people will likely fall and get trampled in the process. That's why you need to install doors with panic bars in their commercial buildings. Such doors require only a slight push to open, speeding up emergency evacuation attempts. Moreover, these panic bars activate the alarm systems that go off when someone exits or enters using that door. This alarm will alert the people in your business of a safety risk or prevent unauthorized entry. 

2. Compliance With Relevant Safety Standards

Most industries have specific standards to follow to enhance safety. For instance, some industries might require you to install push bars and other safety features for improved safety. The ideal number of push bars to install depends on various elements, such as the business size and the maximum number of individuals your business can accommodate. Failure to put up these panic bars and relevant safety features could make your company fail your fire inspections, which leads to costly fines or business closure. So, it is best to hire a commercial locksmith to install the ideal safety features, such as push bars, to ensure your business meets the relevant safety standards.

3. Pay Low Insurance Premiums

Paying business insurance is a great way to protect your business from liabilities. However, the risk and safety factors in your commercial building play a huge role in your insurance premium rates. So a business without proper safety measures will likely pay more than a business equipped with advanced security features. Consequently, installing panic bars in your business increases safety and reduces insurance premium rates. 

Installing panic bars in your commercial building is a great way to increase your business's safety, reduce your insurance premiums, and ensure your business is compliant. Therefore, if you don't have these panic bars in your business, call a commercial locksmith to install them. These professionals have the skills and experience to analyze your business and determine the ideal number of push bars for your business and where to install them.